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» Introduction : Why Securing Your WordPress Site

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to hack your WordPress website, you’re not alone. Read this guide to find out why your site is being targeted, and better yet, what you can do to protect it!

WordPress powers a quarter of all websites in the world. That translates to millions of websites. With WordPress being open-source software, developers, users, and hackers alike can view the entire code that makes the platform what it is.

This makes it relatively easy for hackers to find vulnerable areas on a WordPress website.

In older movies, hackers are often portrayed as individuals sitting in front of a computer trying to get access to a website. There are still individual hackers that do this today, but often they target high-value websites so they can hold them for ransom.

More often than not, bots and botnets attack WordPress websites looking for vulnerabilities so they can take over and use the site or the server where it’s hosted to spam other websites.

Bots are programs written by hackers. They scan WordPress sites looking for known security holes. Botnets, on the other hand, are a network of bot-infected machines that try to hack into a huge number of sites.

Sounds scary, right? Since bots aren’t slow like us humans, they can infect a large number of sites very quickly.

This is why it’s extremely important to update your core WordPress software, your themes, and your plugins. Because if a bot gets to your site first before you update, then your site is as good as compromised!

Why Hackers And Bots Attack WordPress Websites
To learn how to protect your site, it’s important to know first why your WordPress site is being attacked. Most of the time, hackers create bots to be able to do the following malicious activities:

  • Steal your website data – if you collect people’s information on your website, that is if you have a mailing list or a membership website, then you’re a prime target for hackers. They can use or sell your stolen data to other people. Depending on the kind of data they steal, they can use the information to send spam emails or use the more sensitive info to commit identity theft.

  • Use your site to send spam – hackers can control your website and use it to send spam emails. You won’t even realize it, but when it’s time for you to send emails to your list, no one’s going to receive any of your emails. That’s because your site has already been blacklisted by email servers!

  • Host malicious content – sometimes hackers use other people’s resources to hide illegal and immoral content. They don’t want these files showing up on their web properties, so they look for an unwilling and innocent participant to hide their files in.

  • Attack other websites – hackers are clever people. Instead of relying on a single bot, they’ve found a sophisticated way to attack even more websites.

First, they’ll infect your site, and then they’ll use it as part of their botnet or bot-network to launch massive attacks on even more websites!

I hope you now understand why even your new WordPress website is not immune to attacks. It’s not because the hackers hold a grudge against you, it’s nothing personal really.

They don’t know you, but they want to use your website and your resources to run their malicious and illegal activities.

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