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How To Do A 1-Click WordPress Installation:

Depending on your web hosting company, you may have a couple of different ways to do the 1-click install.

For instance, if your web host is Bluehost, you can either use Bluehost’s WordPress Tools or you can use their partner, MOJO Marketplace. You can access MOJO from your Bluehost cPanel dashboard.

In this section of the guide, I will walk you through the two methods of 1-click WordPress install on Bluehost. If you use another web host that offers this functionality, the user interface may appear different. But for the most part, however, the fields you need to fill out will be similar.

Method 1: Installing via cPanel’s WordPress Tools section

Once you’ve logged in to your web hosting’s cPanel, look for the WordPress Tools section. On Bluehost, you’ll find the link in the menu bar at the top of the page. Click on WordPress Tools and then go to the New Install tab.

You will see this screen below:

As you can see, the form is very straightforward. Here’s what you need to supply so you can successfully install WordPress:

  • Domain – if you have more than one domain name in your account, you need to select the correct domain from the drop-down list. Otherwise, if you only have one, then it’s going to show up by default.
  • Path – leave blank if you want to install WordPress on your main or root domain. However, if you want to install on a sub-folder such as yourdomainname.com/blog or yourdomainname.com/news, then use either blog or news as the install Path.
  • Site Title – type in the title for your website. You can always edit this later on in your WordPress admin. For now, you can just leave this blank or write something like, ‘My New Blog’ or ‘My New WordPress Website.’
  • Admin Username – type in the username you want to use when you log in to your WordPress admin.
  • Admin Password – type in the password you want to use for your WordPress site admin.
  • Admin Email – type in the admin email you want to use for your WordPress website. It can be your custom domain email address, or your personal email address such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Once you’ve filled out the required information, hit the green Install WordPress button. In a few minutes, you will receive an email from your web host confirming the installation. It will look something like this:

The email content will be something like the screenshot below shows:

The confirmation email contains the link to your new WordPress website, the link to where you can log in to your WordPress admin, and your username. Your password won’t be displayed for security reasons, so you need to make sure you remember to keep a copy of your password.

If you want to check how your new website looks like, simply click on the first link in the email, right under ‘Your new WordPress site has been successfully set up at’.

Your freshly installed WordPress website will look something like this:

Method 2: Installing via MOJO Marketplace (can be accessed within cPanel)

If you prefer to do your installation via the MOJO Marketplace, you can go to the Website section (instead of WordPress Tools).

Here’s what you’ll see on this page:

Click the Install Now link. You will then be redirected to the MOJO Marketplace:

Once you’ve chosen the domain and directory, hit Next.

You’ll then see this screen:

Fill out the required Admin Information fields and leave the 3 boxes at the bottom ticked.

Click Next when you’re done.

While WordPress is being installed, MOJO marketplace will give you real-time update on the progress of your installation. As you can see in the screenshot, the overall site progress is at 45%.

In a few minutes, your browser will automatically refresh the page, and you’ll see the Installation Complete message as you see here:

You will also receive an email from Bluehost/MOJO Marketplace.

It will have a different subject line from our Method 1 email:

When you click on the email, the content will be like this:

Unlike the confirmation email you will receive in Method 1, the confirmation email you will receive in Method 2 will  include your password. This can either be a good or bad thing as email is far from being a secure communication channel.

If you don’t want to receive your password via email, use Method 1. If you’re not too concerned about it, then Method 2 should work fine for you. Just remember that you can always change your WordPress admin password anytime you like.

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