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» How Do You Install WordPress Plugins

Now that you know what plugins are and where you can find the right plugins for your WordPress website, it’s time to show you how to install plugins on your WordPress backend.

In Guide 3, I showed you how to install WordPress in 1-click. From the screenshots I shared, you know I used Bluehost’s 1-click install feature on a test website.

It’s important to mention this here because if you follow my steps, then you’ll see more than a few pre-installed plugins on your WordPress website.

Here, take a look:

Now, it will be up to you if you want to keep these plugins. But in Guide 3, I already suggested deleting the Hello Dolly plugin since it really doesn’t add any value to your website.

So, let’s get started with adding plugins. There are basically two ways to add a plugin.

Method 1: Add plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory
To begin, go to Plugins > Add New.

The plugins that appear here are from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

You can view the Featured, Popular, and Recommended Plugins.

You can also browse through plugins you’ve marked as Favorite in WordPress.org.

Also, in the screenshot below, you’ll see a link to Premium plugins which goes to the Bluehost/MOJO Marketplace; this is because the Bluehost plugin came pre-installed on this sample WordPress website.

If you don’t want to scroll through thousands of plugins, you can search for plugins using keywords, the name of the author, or tags. Simply type in the search box on the right side of your screen.

Method 2: Upload plugins manually
You can upload either free or premium plugins to your WordPress website manually. All you have to do is go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Then click on Choose File to upload your plugin zip file and hit Install Now.


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