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» Forwarding Your Custom Domain Email Address Emails

If you find it cumbersome checking on your custom email address, and you want to check all your emails in one place, then you need to set up email forwarding.

To do this, look for the Email Forwarding option in your cPanel. This is what it looks like on Bluehost:

Clicking on the green ‘add email forwarder’ button will lead you to the next step:

In the first field ‘address to forward,’ enter the custom domain email address you want to forward. If you want to forward all emails from ‘support@yourcustomdomain.com’ then type in this email address.

In Destination Options, enter the address you want to forward your custom domain emails to. If you want to forward it to your Gmail account, then type in your Gmail email address on the form.

Hit the green ‘submit’ button to finalize your email forwarding settings.

To make sure your email forwarding works, send a test email to your custom domain email address and then check your Gmail account (if you chose to forward it to Gmail).

If you receive your test email in Gmail, then it means you’ve successfully set up your email forwarding.

Final Words

In this guide, you learned how to set up the proper groundwork for your new WordPress website. You learned all about custom domain names and web hosting.

Lastly, you also learned how to setup your custom domain email address and forward all your incoming emails to another email address. Read the next guide to find out how you can install WordPress in just a few clicks.


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